Creating a Holiday Spirit with Wall Stickers

Wall stickers or Wall art decals are not only a matter of long term decoration. It becomes handy in creating Festive atmosphere for kids birthday parties.

For example “Birthday Bananza” can be inspired by our “5 monkeys on a tree” decal. Serve banana splits in cute plates decorated with monkeys, have ice cream in cups with trees and bananas. Give out tails to all your guests. Create lots of games for those little monkeys to enjoy a birthday in a warmth and comfort of home instead of those ‘cookie-cutter’ indoor playgrounds, that everybody has been to too many times. It’ll be a less expensive event for you!

Seasons like Halloween and Christmas, Easter and St.Valentines day could be transformed by our designs. Decorate your dining room with wall stickers from a spooky cave filled with bats for Halloween party to a romantic dinner event with heart shaped polka dots just for two.

Have fun in your home, and don’t forget to : LOVE, INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE your loved ones to be great!