How to Apply Wall Decals

There are a number of manuals, guides and instructions available on the internet explaining how to apply wall decals. Please review carefully prior to installation all of our instructions as well. Application is easy once you are sure of the process.
Also make sure you read our post on how to choose wall decals to understand the customization process.

It is very essential that you understand what surface is appropriate to apply wall decals, but generally: mirrors, windows, walls or any other smooth surface is applicable for wall stickers regardless of material and whether it is made of steel or wood or just a painted wall. Please remember that all wall decals are different, the Evgie Wall Decals studio creates wall decals made only from high quality matte vinyl, our decals are removable and will do no damage when you take them off, unless applied to wallpaper, but they are not reusable. During application, you can re-position the pieces you applied if they are put on the wall and not on top of another vinyl piece. But it is not possible to re-apply wall decals again once you remove them from your wall – reusable wall decals is a completely different product line which is usually printed and provides less quality and color depth and certainly doesn’t look like it is painted on the wall.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the texture of the wall as it might have crucial effect when you apply wall decals, check our blog post about textured walls and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Check further how to remove decals here

– Watch our video instructions

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